Amazing information about data recovery process


Data recovery is the process of recovering or recalling data from any kinds of storage media following a data loss. It encompasses a set of the methods which is mostly used to recover lost of information or data. Data recovery process could be applied to any situations like incorrect hard drive, accidental file deletion, system boosting failure, faulty re-installation of the application or server formatting. Two main methods are available for the data recovery to assist with the restoration and you might employ an expert in the data recovery services or data recovery software.

Data Recovery

Fantastic information about data recovery process

In fact, data recovery process is offering huge numbers of the benefits to people such as

  • Reduced workload
  • Higher reliability
  • Easy setup
  • Save money
  • Greater security

Manual backing up file is a time-consuming task and it is required at least one person to do a job. Remote data backup might involve automation so you no need to worry about taking time to back it up with the USB drive or cd. If you are employing remote data backup then you might store your data in the secure location which makes it physically safe. Backing up your data might sound like a difficult task but if you are doing it remotely then you can do it easily. Recovery software is having an excellent capacity to repair data files, storage media, databases and corrupted partition.

Excellent information about data recovery process

In a modern world, huge numbers of the free data recovery programs are available which might assist you with recovery your lost data. In some of the circumstances, lost data might not be restored by using recovery software alone. However complex data recovery is required expertise so it is always important to hire a professional data recovery service provider. Data recovery process is efficient, quick and restores the data in a matter of the minutes. Some of the companies are offering solutions to each type of the data loss. Data loss could be disastrous to business which might cause loss of valuable customer information. Amazing numbers of the advantages are associated with the data recovery loss.


For more information about data recovery we recommend that you contact a professional data recovery service firm for serious needs. Otherwise if you are just interested in the subject, we highly recommend to check out some youtube videos on the subject.

data recovery Tampa Florida is known to be one of the only few data retrieval service labs in Florida and the entire southeastern united states.

Data Recovery data recovery in Tampa Terminology

If you’ve been talking to a data recovery technician you may have data recovery in Tampa heard some unfamiliar terms and acronyms that the rest of us may not understand. 

HDD- Hard Disk Drive, an HDD helps manage the transfer of data to and from your computer’s hard disk.

Hard disk drive or hard disk are usually refer to as the same thing.

SDD- solid-state drive or solid-state disk is a nonvolatile storage device that stores persistent data on solid-state flash memory.

Partition- A portion of a physical disk that functions as though it were a physically separate disk.  

Basic Disk- A physical disk that can be accessed by MS-DOS and all Windows-based operating systems. 

Dynamic Volume- A volume that resides on a dynamic disk. Windows supports five types of dynamic volumes: simple, spanned, striped, mirrored, and RAID-5. A dynamic volume is formatted by using a file system, such as file allocation table (FAT) or NTFS, and has a drive letter assigned to it.

FAT- File Allocation Table, a FAT is a table stored on your storage device that tells the computer where to look over when it needs to find a file stored on this device. When you save data, it is stored in chunks of information called “clusters”. The clusters for a single file may actually be located in several different areas on your storage media. The FAT is your computer’s way of recording the locations of those clusters for each file you save. The term FAT is often used to refer the file systems, which use File Allocation Tables – FAT12, FAT16, FAT32.

NTFS- NT file system, this is basically the Windows NT equivalent of the FAT described above.

RAID- Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks.  This refers to an arrangement where multiple disks are used to either store large amounts of data, increase throughput (speed), or both.  

RAM- Random Access Memory.  This is a type of high speed temporary memory which is volatile in nature erased every time it is powered off.  

ROM- Read Only Memory.  In hard drives this generally refers to a specific chip, or even the code contained within the ROM chip on the PCB which is necessary to properly initialize the drive.  

Host- A Host is used to recover the lost data from the Bad Device, which should be connected to the Host Computer as an additional drive. 

Sectors- A factory defined area on the media that holds 512 bytes of raw data. It is the smallest amount of data that can be written or read from the media. 

Raw Data- (i.e. bit stream) all bits on a storage medium, regardless of logical structure or intended use.

Read/Write Heads- Small electromagnets and electromagnetic resistance  sensors at the tip of the hard drive actuator arm.  They are the devices that read/write magnetic data to and from the actual hard drive platter surface.  

Monolithic- In data recovery it refers to storage devices which are entirely built into a single chip.  Many SD cards, MicroSD cards, thumb drives, and other flash media are produced this way.

Thumb Drive- Small solid state data storage devices which connect directly into a USB port of a computer.  

Format or Formatted- Refers to the process of re-writing the file system of a hard drive or logical volume.  

CD or CD-ROM- Compact Disk.  Refers to an optical disk used to store music tracks or digital data.  

CD-ROM Drive- Generally a term referring to devices that can read CD’s in a computer.  

Firmware- This refers to software which is contained within electronic hardware.  In data recovery some people use this term referring to the service area of a hard drive.

The Tools You’ll Need To Restore Your Data

You or your colleague may have lost data while Restore Your Data working on it or later. Sometimes an important file can be deleted accidentally, corrupted, or a malware attack can prevent you from accessing critical data.

 The worst of it all is when you do not have a backup, and you desperately need the file for an urgent business meeting. What do you do? Well. Don’t get stranded again. It is possible to recover data using certain tools. Here are the tools you will need to restore your data. 

If the file system of your driver gets’s damaged, and you are not able to access the data, then TestDisk is the option for you. This is an application that features PhotoRec which enables it to repair broken file systems thus making data available.

 It does not do formatting. The application is available for various operating systems. 

This is a free tool that you can use to recover deleted files. It has additional data recovery tools with items that assist in the recovery procedure.It has a standard feature that includes searching and restoring deleted files.


This is another great tool that is so useful and powerful in data recovery. It is ideal for restoration when the drive cannot access the files and can function on various disc formats apart from those used by Windows. 

Pandora Recovery 

This tool allows you to go through the drive to find the deleted data. It is capable of previewing text data and data files before recovering them. It can search for and recover compressed, hidden, archived and encrypted data.

 It also provides you with a report on the situation of the recovery process. 


This tool makes everything straightforward. The application opens by defaults to a data recovery wizard. Sometimes you can skip the wizard if you are an expert.

 It then gives you the alternative of choosing the file to restore such as documents, pictures, emails, and compressed. Recuva then focuses on searching in regards to the selections. Searching for files is not limited, but you rather have the option to target certain locations.

 It search can take longer, but it is fruitful. This app can help a lot especially when the power goes off unexpectedly, and you haven’t saved files on Microsoft word. 


Other tools include the DMDE Free Edition a free file recovery tool can recover data from different drives. Although, the tool is not easy to use it is efficient. It lets you choose a drive and then identifies all mountable sections. 

The tool, however, restricts the mode of data recovery from the free version. But it does not limit how much files you can restore.

Top 5 Data Recovery Applications on iPhone Data Recovery

We lose data from our desktop, personal computers and phones, almost every day through accidental Recover lost data from your iPhone or iPad with iPhone Data Recovery deletion, corruption from viruses and damage to the devices. However there are several ways to recover, this data.

I Phone are among the most used phones worldwide due to their outstanding features they are highly ranked and loved by many. To many storing data in their iPhone is much safer than any other place but.

They may be damaged, or get lost or even you accidentally delete the data. Some lose data through applications that are installed in the phone. Whichever way you lose data on the iPhone or iPad. There is a way to recover it. 

Recover lost data from your iPhone or iPad 

IPhone data recovery has brought a new dawn to iPhone users as it provides safe ways to retrieve all lost data to your phone or in case you lost the phone itself. You may safely store the data on your new iPhone. 

Main applications used in iPhone data recovery 

The process of recovery of data is aided by several application, the major ones include; 

Aiseesott Fone lab 

 This application enables recovery of lost through; accidental deletion, jail breaking, iOS update and also that which has been deleted over a long period. Recovery is done on all iPhone or iPod devices, whether they use windows or mac operating systems. Files in the iCloud and iTunes are also recovered. It recovers up to 19 different types of files which include; SMS messages, contacts, photo albums, videos, music, call history and playlists. It’s a fast, easy and reliable way to get your data back. 

Phone rescue 

Applicable to all iPhone using either windows or mac. It recovers data on iTunes alongside other iOS devices. It also recovers up to 22 different types of files from different applications. Don’t be afraid of losing data, install the application for a quicker solution. 

Dr.fone for IOS 

This application retrieves data directly to your iPhone and also retrieves that which was backed up in the iCloud and iTunes. This ensure you get your precise data back and in time for use. You need not delay your activities over data loss. Data recovered include; phone book contacts, call history, camera roll, videos, music library and play lists, SMS messages and voice calls. The application also goes to the extent of backing up your data before it retrieves it hence much safe storage of your data. The better news is; it’s compatible with the latest iOS version, iOS9. 

Iskysoft iPhone data 

It’s a mac application for retrieving data lost during updates and security attacks. It however also supports windows operating systems. It settles phone blockage for you. You are able to recover vital data and applications too. The option to preview before recover is an additional advantage too. 


This application is much friendlier, once you run a recovery of your iPhone, it displays all the information that ought to be recovered. You then chose that which you wish to recover. Its however capable of recovering over 19 types of documents, among them messages, contacts, browser favorites, music and calendar history. 


If you want to recover your Miami hard drive recovery data using ACE, it is very easy. Ace provides data recovery for SLC NAND, TLC, EMLC and MLC flash memory devices or technologies. This is for any notebook or laptop models.

Hard disk drives usually have moving parts but with solid state devices there are no moving parts. Most of the times people think that because of this it is safer store data in SSDs.

SSDs are less safe to store data compared to HDDs. SSDs are more vulnerable to electric charges, magnetic fields and power loss. The number of write cycles that an SSD has less compared to HDDs. After some time, you won’t be able to write data into SSDs.

In order for an SSD to have a longer write cycle, it uses complicated controller technology so as to make it more reliable in storing data. Compared to RAID systems, SSDs are have more complicated architecture so as tom increase their performance. They have complex logical addresses that connect to physical media locations.

If you have lost data from an SSD, ACE can help you recover it using their advanced recovery process for SSDs. It rebuilds the sets of NAND logic gates, it then unscrambles the code. After it has done all this, it then assembles all of them into to 1 drive image. This will recover all the data that was lost from the SSD due to the SSD wearing out because of constant writing into the SSD.

The damage to the SSD occurs due to tens of thousands of erasing and writing cycles. To understand how the SSD losses its ability to store data, you can take the example of your phone battery or laptop battery, with time your battery wears out due to constant charging of the battery.

If you use the ACE advanced recovery process you can recover data from a Samsung 840 EVO series which has a lo TLC NAND memory.

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Should you use a VPN for privacy reasons?

Being able to use a virtual private network (VPN) is a skill that any computer user should have. In simple words, a VPN is a paid service which helps to keep your browsing secure and private. A VPN can help you visit different video and music streaming websites that are restricted by the government.

The other reason to use a VPN is to achieve anonymity or privacy against passive surveillance. However, the challenge with anonymity is that you’ll have to consider many issues. For instance, you need to consider whether the government or people of interest have installed malware on your computer to monitor your activities. You also need to consider if the VPN you’re using has issues to do with weak encryption and data leakage which can easily expose your browsing. It’s very challenging to achieve anonymity online. However, if you need to remain private, use a reputable VPN provider.

Unlike public or hotel Wi-Fi, VPN is much safer when it comes to reading confidential emails or browsing. Public Wi-Fi has no encryption security which makes your signals to be broadcasted to everyone. It’s easy for hackers to access your signal and do whatever they want.

If you want to prevent the interception of your VOIP phones calls by hackers, having a VPN connection is a wise idea. Other VOIP services such as Lync, Skype, and online voice chatting will also be safe from hackers.

After logging into a public Wi-Fi, you need to ensure that you connect to a personal VPN so that you may hide what you’re doing from all preying eyes. If you’re a regular traveler and you like using public networks, invest in a VPN for privacy reasons.

Lastly, a VPN can sometimes keep advertisers away from you. You won’t see those pop-up advertisements from different companies.

Cyber security is important in computers

It is the computer that has given us a fast and best type of advanced technology. In this one can have all the data get stored in one place. You don’t have to have any pen or paper or any copy or diary to write down. One use to search different copies for searching different data. But here within no second, you are able to have the details of any data that you have stored. A computer has become an important place for storing data. Their millions of people that are using a computer at their home or in their office.  Today computers are used in all types of business. In every home, there is a computer. The businesses that are based on computers have to get cybersecurity. Online there is a cyber threat that can hike all the data.

Cyber Security

The retailers and consumers in any business online are paying money. There is a lot of transaction that is done online. It is very convenient until there is no cyber theft available. Cyber theft can come anytime and for that cyber security is very important so that the third party that is cyber theft cannot get your any records. Having the cybersecurity means that you have a long life for your work in your device that is safe. All the people are working online. There are millions of people that are busy online for many different reasons. It is the safety that matters a lot. The cybercrime is increasing and for the safety, t is important to have the security for the information that you have on your computer.

Before purchasing any type of security that is for cyber threat then you must read all the facility that is provided in security. In the security system, one must have the control over the computer. This type of security is the safety that allows you to get the information about the unknown sources that are trying to reach to you. There are good benefits of having such security for your computer. If you are not having such safety then you must get it immediately.

Video Game Releases Announced for 2019

Those who are interested in video games always want to know what is to come and which games will be coming out in the next year. There are a number of games that will be releasing in 2019, and some of them are continuations of popular games that have been enjoyed for years. Those who are fans of certain types of games will be happy to have new options that they can play next year. The more game options that a person has available, the more enjoyable their overall gaming experience will be. 2019 is looking to be a good year for video game fans.

People who have fun with the Kingdom Hearts video games that have been previously released will be happy to have the chance to play Kingdom Hearts III when it is released in 2019. This role-playing game is being developed for PlayStation 4 and for Xbox One. This game focuses on friendship and all that it can mean.

Another video game that is coming out in 2019 and which already has a number of people waiting for its release is Rage 2. This game is a sequel to one that came out in 2010 and it is going to make a number of people happy. Rage 2 is a first-person shooter game that can be played on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

People who are looking for a multiplayer game that they can use to compete against others online will be excited for the 2019 release of Anthem. This role-playing game is going to be released in February of 2019 and it is going to be available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows, just like Rage 2.

Another game that is being released for those who enjoy action is Days Gone. This console game will be released in February of 2019 and it is made for PlayStation 4. This game is being published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Those looking for a fun new game to take on in 2019 will find that there are many options available to them. Whether a person enjoys playing on a computer or a console, they can find a new game in 2019 that they will enjoy.

Tips for Recovering Deleted Files with Ease

Losing data can be troubling at times. The goodness is that ways have been developed that help us in recovering these files with the utmost ease. So here are some few tips that will significantly aid in recovering those deleted files.

Recovering files from the Windows recycle bin.

There are some ways in which you can delete a record one of them is by moving them to the recycle bin. If this is your case you need not worry as getting your data back is an easy task. All you have to do is open the recycle bin then locate your files, right click and then choose to restore. This automatically recovers your information and traces them back to their original folder.

Using recovery software

This comes in handy and deals with a lot of situations including format recovery, system crash or loss due to virus attack. They recover the exact copy of your deleted files with maximum ease no matter how severe the damage was. Whether you have lost data from your hard drive, memory card or PC rest assured that you would be able to regain your data back. Among the best is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional to mention a few.

Recovering an older version of a file

In the incident that you happen to empty your recycle bin, it is also possible to get your files back. Windows has developed a built-in restore feature that allows you to access these old deleted files quickly. To access this service click the computer button and locate the folder in which your data was previously located in and right click to restore previous versions. To recover the file click on the text that you like and click restore to recover the files back. With this, you can be entirely sure that you will get your documents back.

So there you go in case you accidentally lose some files now you have the methods that make it more than possible to retrieve the lost data back.

Tips for Picking A Data Recovery Service Provider

Have you been faced with a computer owner’s worst nightmare? Are you dealing with the reality of data loss? If your answer is yes, then there is a high likelihood that you’re going to need the services of a data recovery professional. The question you’re probably asking right now is how you should go about choosing the right data recovery services provider. Unfortunately, not every company operates with a high level of expertise and customer satisfaction. Therefore, you need to protect your interests by doing careful research before allowing someone to touch your damaged hard drive or storage media device.

Factors to Look For in a Data Recovery Services Provider

  1. Look at their experience. It’s important to choose a service provider who has been providing these for many years. A company which has a reputation of using skilled data recovery experts and has a wide clientele drawn from multiple industries is one you may want to work with.
  2. How is their security? It’s important to work with someone who guarantees total protection for your data. If you’re doubtful about the safety of your hard drive in the hands of a particular company, look for another operator. An expert recovery service should well-secured vaults for secured storage and have a clean room to protect against dirt.
  3. Their customer service is also another essential factor to consider when choosing a service provider. Should you want to inquire something during the process, the professional should be available. If you’re having trouble getting through to speak to a company representative or you’re unable to get feedback within 24 hours, they may not be a good choice. If your business operations are interrupted as a result of system failure, you can’t afford to wait much longer. The right service provider should be in a position to provide quick turnaround times, to save you further loses.
  4. How much do they charge? Price is often an essential consideration when buying products and services. However, if you’re interested in getting high-quality data recovery services, don’t let cost be the determining factor. Therefore, if you drive fails, a cheap service provider may not be the ideal choice. It’s recommended to hire the services of a company with trained technicians and specialized equipment (i.e., clean room) to deal with the problem.

To get the best data recovery service, shop around and choose the one with the services that fit your needs. Also, thoroughly examine a data recovery service using it, to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money.