The Tools You’ll Need To Restore Your Data

You or your colleague may have lost data while Restore Your Data working on it or later. Sometimes an important file can be deleted accidentally, corrupted, or a malware attack can prevent you from accessing critical data.

 The worst of it all is when you do not have a backup, and you desperately need the file for an urgent business meeting. What do you do? Well. Don’t get stranded again. It is possible to recover data using certain tools. Here are the tools you will need to restore your data. 

If the file system of your driver gets’s damaged, and you are not able to access the data, then TestDisk is the option for you. This is an application that features PhotoRec which enables it to repair broken file systems thus making data available.

 It does not do formatting. The application is available for various operating systems. 

This is a free tool that you can use to recover deleted files. It has additional data recovery tools with items that assist in the recovery procedure.It has a standard feature that includes searching and restoring deleted files.


This is another great tool that is so useful and powerful in data recovery. It is ideal for restoration when the drive cannot access the files and can function on various disc formats apart from those used by Windows. 

Pandora Recovery 

This tool allows you to go through the drive to find the deleted data. It is capable of previewing text data and data files before recovering them. It can search for and recover compressed, hidden, archived and encrypted data.

 It also provides you with a report on the situation of the recovery process. 


This tool makes everything straightforward. The application opens by defaults to a data recovery wizard. Sometimes you can skip the wizard if you are an expert.

 It then gives you the alternative of choosing the file to restore such as documents, pictures, emails, and compressed. Recuva then focuses on searching in regards to the selections. Searching for files is not limited, but you rather have the option to target certain locations.

 It search can take longer, but it is fruitful. This app can help a lot especially when the power goes off unexpectedly, and you haven’t saved files on Microsoft word. 


Other tools include the DMDE Free Edition a free file recovery tool can recover data from different drives. Although, the tool is not easy to use it is efficient. It lets you choose a drive and then identifies all mountable sections. 

The tool, however, restricts the mode of data recovery from the free version. But it does not limit how much files you can restore.