Top 5 Data Recovery Applications on iPhone Data Recovery

We lose data from our desktop, personal computers and phones, almost every day through accidental Recover lost data from your iPhone or iPad with iPhone Data Recovery deletion, corruption from viruses and damage to the devices. However there are several ways to recover, this data.

I Phone are among the most used phones worldwide due to their outstanding features they are highly ranked and loved by many. To many storing data in their iPhone is much safer than any other place but.

They may be damaged, or get lost or even you accidentally delete the data. Some lose data through applications that are installed in the phone. Whichever way you lose data on the iPhone or iPad. There is a way to recover it. 

Recover lost data from your iPhone or iPad 

IPhone data recovery has brought a new dawn to iPhone users as it provides safe ways to retrieve all lost data to your phone or in case you lost the phone itself. You may safely store the data on your new iPhone. 

Main applications used in iPhone data recovery 

The process of recovery of data is aided by several application, the major ones include; 

Aiseesott Fone lab 

 This application enables recovery of lost through; accidental deletion, jail breaking, iOS update and also that which has been deleted over a long period. Recovery is done on all iPhone or iPod devices, whether they use windows or mac operating systems. Files in the iCloud and iTunes are also recovered. It recovers up to 19 different types of files which include; SMS messages, contacts, photo albums, videos, music, call history and playlists. It’s a fast, easy and reliable way to get your data back. 

Phone rescue 

Applicable to all iPhone using either windows or mac. It recovers data on iTunes alongside other iOS devices. It also recovers up to 22 different types of files from different applications. Don’t be afraid of losing data, install the application for a quicker solution. 

Dr.fone for IOS 

This application retrieves data directly to your iPhone and also retrieves that which was backed up in the iCloud and iTunes. This ensure you get your precise data back and in time for use. You need not delay your activities over data loss. Data recovered include; phone book contacts, call history, camera roll, videos, music library and play lists, SMS messages and voice calls. The application also goes to the extent of backing up your data before it retrieves it hence much safe storage of your data. The better news is; it’s compatible with the latest iOS version, iOS9. 

Iskysoft iPhone data 

It’s a mac application for retrieving data lost during updates and security attacks. It however also supports windows operating systems. It settles phone blockage for you. You are able to recover vital data and applications too. The option to preview before recover is an additional advantage too. 


This application is much friendlier, once you run a recovery of your iPhone, it displays all the information that ought to be recovered. You then chose that which you wish to recover. Its however capable of recovering over 19 types of documents, among them messages, contacts, browser favorites, music and calendar history.